Biochemistry vs Cause and effect principle 17 of chiropractic.

Cause and effect, every effect has a cause and every cause has effects. With biochemistry you must be careful with the amount, and quality of fats that you eat, there are good fats and bad fats. If you exceed the quantity of bad fats the body won’t be prepared to respond correctly when it is about to fight a disease. You have fats that are anti inflammatory, found in omega 3 if you don’t consume you’re correct amount of omega 3 you won’t be able to respond correctly. Everything you do has a effect. Even tho you won’t see it right away it will have an effect.

This aspect of cause and effect is applied to all. In your life you will make decisions, decisions to eat healthy, to take care of yourself and even tho you may not see the effects right away there will be effects. When you choose to do something it is setting on a motion that will be reflected in someway. In chiropractic when you choose to take care of your spine , besides feeling better you are setting in action a chain of effects. Feeling better, being more active and ultimately living a better life.

Biochemistry is a good example. Everything has a effect if you move it , heat it, apply certain conditions to a subject like a lipid, carbohydrate etc. Your body will have a response or effect to everything you do. One must take care of ones body, mind and peaceful state because things can get better or worse very fast.

My why

Everyone should have a good defined why. Why do they do what they do. My why for studying to be a chiropractor  is to be free to eat and do what I want to in the future without the worry of money limitations. I had a good childhood and I want to provide that to my future family. It is a very tough road the one I am currently at, spending nights without a complete 8 hour sleep, overthinking about the future but I believe Everything eventually makes sense.

I want to help people realize they can live without less drugs for when they are sick, they don’t need to always rely on surgery, they should doubt everything and investigate by themselves the truth or what makes sense to them. I want to live a joyful life and enjoy my time. Helping others realize that they are not stuck the way that they are , sometimes there exists alternatives if just a fun part of the chiropractic field that I enjoy

My why may change someday but for now, I want to give my future family the same quality of life that mine provided for me. A good happy life. Studying has given me some heavy hits but I am still standing , continuing to get up even though sometimes the road gets really rough. I am enjoying the ride. I never thought ten years ago I would be where I am. Life continues to surprise me. I just hope everything makes sense someday. I just will continue to work to become the person that I want to be. Hopefully I will make my friends and family proud. To do things alone is very difficult , that’s why it is so good to have a type of support system.